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Michelle Nolland

Executive Director

Brooke Atkins

Executive Director

Alexa Springall

Office Team Leader

Jason Doyle

Associate consultant


Suzanne Raven

Swim School Specialist

Martin Sheppard

Industry Expert

Neil Davey

Aquatic Engineer

Serhan Halil

Structural Engineer

Michael Cook

Principle Architect

Industry Best Practice

In addition to remaining at the forefront of industry compliance and best practice by regularly attending conferences, LARCAN Directors Michelle and Brooke hold various industry roles to ensure best practices are instilled in their work with their clients. Holding these roles allows LARCAN to be ahead of upcoming industry changes to legislation, and emerging industry trends that can influence leisure and aquatic operations.

Industry Body Role LARCAN representative
Parks and Leisure Australia NSW/ACT
Executive Officer
Michelle Nolland
Small Business Member
Brooke Atkins and Michelle Nolland
IAKS Australia New Zealand
Non-Executive Board Director and Vice Chairperson
Michelle Nolland
Royal Life Saving Society
Anti drowning symposium members
Michelle Nolland and Brooke Atkins
National Sports Convention
Program Steering Committee
Michelle Nolland
Aquatics Recreation Industry NSW
Non-Executive Board Director
Brooke Atkins


LARCAN is affiliated with the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities(IAKS). IAKS is a leading global industry association for sports and leisure facilities. IAKS’ membership base spans 153 countries and represents multiple sectors and disciplines such as: architecture, engineering, design, local government, technical consultancy, planning, operative management, sports federations and clubs, suppliers, and manufacturers. The benefit of LARCAN’s affiliation with IAKS is the access we have to global expertise to ensure we are looking for global best practice, in addition to national best practice.

Providing advice at industry leading conferences

Michelle and Brooke are often featured authors in industry publications such as Australasian Leisure Magazine and Parks Leisure Australia. The October 2023 issue of Parks Leisure Australia journal features an article authored by Michelle and Brooke on ‘How to Measure and Optimise your Recreation, Sports, and Leisure Program Performance’.

Both are frequent keynote speakers at industry conferences such as: The National Sports Convention, AUSactive (Filex), Parks Leisure Australia, Local Government professionals NSW, The Aquatic and Recreation Institute (ARI NSW), Leisure Institute of Western Australia (LIWA) conference talking about fitness, aquatics, recreation, community consultation, and community asset activation. Brooke and Michelle are sought-after speakers due to their knowledge and expertise in best-practice facility management and activation of community assets.

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