A little bit about LARCAN


To have more people actively engaged in physical activity regardless of age, location, ability, or gender..


To bring new generational thinking, innovation, and sustainable practices to each individual community to improve access to programs, facilities, and services that improve physical activity participation rates.


Our Core Values: integrity, honesty, inclusive, sustainable, excellence, innovation.

Who is LARCAN?

LARCAN simply stands for Leisure, Aquatics, Recreation, Consultants, Australia, and New Zealand. Our Vision is to have more people actively engaged in physical activity regardless of age, location, ability, or gender. 

We specialise in community consultation, feasibility studies, recreation strategies, providing expert operational advice on design, driving participation through inclusiveness and overall business improvement support. The LARCAN team can support a project anywhere from feasibility to funding, tender support, transitioning in or out of facilities, right through to the first day of operation, continuous improvement and beyond! 

We are a flexible, dedicated team and come with a “can do” attitude, guaranteed to fit into any work dynamic. We provide ourselves on both being an independent lens for clients as well as becoming an extension of the teams we support within organisations as part of our consultancy, considerate of the culture and values at the heart of each business we represent.  

LARCAN Community Engagement Model

Engaging with people and community is at the core of what LARCAN was established for and delivers as a specialised skill set. Understanding the local community needs is paramount to our consultancy services. All community engagement plans and activities undertaken by LARCAN are informed by the IAP2 Australasia model.

LARCAN is a proud small business member of IAP2.

LARCAN Engagement Principles and Methodology

Engagement Strategy Framework

LARCAN follows the IAP2 engagement strategy framework:

Our Commitment to Engagement Practices

Emphasis will be placed on community engagement and an explicit commitment to a community-centric approach will be taken and maintained at all times. LARCAN understands the importance of community involvement, transparency, and collaboration in optioneering activities and provision of input into the redevelopment process must be key features of the approach taken to the commission.

Let’s collaborate!

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