Community and Feasibility Needs Assessment ACT Pools


Community and Feasibility Needs Assessment ACT Pools

Client: BlueFit Management Group

Project Completed: 2023

Project Description: community research and site needs feasibility assessment

Project Deliverables:

  •  Research of ACT community trends and population data.
  •  Review of existing ACT government strategic plans and future population projects to align program and service mix to community needs and Government strategies.
  • Prepare submissions as per tender specification requirements including demographic trend analysis, program offerings for all four sites, identification of key stakeholders and partners, budgets, organisational; structure to support management of the sites, site policies, procedures and risk analysis for aquatic sites.
  • Competitor analysis of ACT fitness, aquatic and leisure providers.
  • SWOT analysis of Canberra area.
  • Review partnership potential of the ACT sport and recreation community and prepare letters of support.
  • Completion of an annual service plan for all five aquatic sites including programming, risk management, stakeholder management and community engagement.
  • Financial analysis and strategic insights in aquatic and recreation in the ACT community.
  • Capital investment and design enhancement to support community use and positive economic outcomes.
  • Creation of community engagement plans using IAP2 principles as part of the transition in plan and ongoing management.
  • Building management and third party contractors and suppliers to manage and operate all five aquatic facilities.
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